About Us

Learn about what makes AVI Racing so great

ProAutoSports-mondo-2-385AVI Racing was founded with the vision of producing innovative, safe, user friendly, reliable and affordable turn-key race cars.

We are committed to the advancement of the racing sport and the industry. We have a belief that performance and safety will further racing’s long-term competitive expansion.

AVI will actively foster strategic alliances with other members of the auto-racing community to enhance and exceed racing expectations one turn-key at a time.

AVI is in business to enable and empower driving enthusiasts to maintain, modify, and race high performance race cars competitively and safely.

AVI is made up of knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful professionals who understand cars. All of our team members work with high performance sports cars and race cars. Our team works trackside at club and professional racing events across the United States.

Our customers want the maximum performance potential possible at sport driving, lapping events, or competitive races. AVI will help our customers develop and constantly improve their cars and themselves, by altering standards with innovations.

AVI uses knowledge gained successfully racing in club and professional races so that our customers are more competitive as a result of working with us. We actively race so that our customers get the most effective products, cutting edge modifications, in-shop service, and track side support available.